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CancerGuide: Prostate Cancer Resources
NCCN - National Comprehensive Cancer Network Homepage
Cancer Resources—Cancer News, Cancer Conferences, Cancer Causes, Cancer Prevention
ProstateLine - prostate cancer information resource for health care professionals
Prostate cancer info - education, support, male hormone therapy, PSA tests, antiandrogens


Kræft i blærehalskirtlen,Prostatacancer,
Cancer Information, Research, and Treatment | Oncolink - The Web's First Cancer Resource
Prostate Cancer Issues
PCRI Insights Newsletter - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Prostate Pointers
Medical Oncology: A Comprehensive Review - Prostate Cancer
Pca Book
Systemic Pathology: Test #2
UrologyTimes - Home Page
Health Quarterly
Cancer Medicine. Table of Contents
News - TopAbstracts in Prostate Cancer 02/24/2005
Urology News and Updates for Physicians
UroToday - Conference Reports - Conference Reports
Prostate Cancer News
Prostate Pointers
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer Update
Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer Update
MenWeb - Men's Issues: Life is a Gift (prostate cancer)
Cancer Home Page
National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC)
EasySeek ...and you shall find!
The Prostate Cancer Charity
A Debate for Young Men
Rochester Urology, P.C. - Our practice is limited to adult urology and urologic-oncology. Urology deals with the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and urethra) and the male reproductive system (prostate, testis and penis). - Dr. Lee: Prostate Cancer Survivor
Things you should know and have.
Books of Importance Available Here
Prostate Forum
Seattle Prostate Institute - PCa Commentary
TRC Biotechnology
BJU International (July 2003), 92.1
Prostate health directory - your source for prostate heath news, resources and information.
Prostate Cancer, The Cancer Information Network
Prostate cancer - genetic markers
Male Genital Pathology Index
eMedicine - Prostate Carcinoma : Article by Richard Clements, BM BCh
PCAW - Prostate Cancer Awareness Week


Nr. 4, 1999: Prostatacancer > Samlet rapport
Behandling av prostatacancer - [Behandlingsrekommendation]
NCCN Patient Guidelines
Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer TREATMENT
National Cancer Institute - Prostate Cancer Treatment
Prostate diseases, cancer, enlargement, prostatitis, and treatments
Prostate Cancer Treatment - Prostate Cancer - Prostate Enlargement - Prostate Health - Herbal Treatment
A Strategy Of Success in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer, page 1 of 3 - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
National Cancer Institute - Prostate Cancer: Understanding Treatment Choices
Prostate Cancer Treatment
Healing Prostate Cancer - Prostate Cancer Treatments - Prostate Cancer Survival


Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting
USRF - Likelihood of Curable Disease (Stage T1c only)
Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting Personal History
Prostate Cancer Watchful Waiting - PSA 101
Transition zone carcinomas
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH, prostate) articles, support groups, and resources
Watchful Waiting as a Treatment Option for Localized Prostate Cancer in the PSA Era -- Kakehi 33 (1): 1 -- Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology
JAMA -- Abstract: Natural History of Early, Localized Prostate Cancer, June 9, 2004, Johansson et al. 291 (22): 2713


Prostate Calculator
Sloan-Kettering - Prediction Tools: Prostate
Tumor Volume Calculator
Prostate Gland Volume and Diameter
Prostate Cancer - Charts of Treatment Choices - PSA
Gleason grading and prognostic factors in carcinoma of the prostate
Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer THE PARTIN TABLES
Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer THE PARTIN TABLES
A Primer on Gleason Grading in Prostate Needle Biopsies
Partin Table Calculator and Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions
Prostate Cancer Treatment and Prognosis
Prognosis of Prostate Cancer -
Accuracy of Staging Improved for Prostate Cancer
The Analyst - Health Assessment Program. Internet Diagnosis and Natural Treatments Health Report
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Does Finasteride Alter PCa Grading?
Index of /education/staging
Arthritis and Cancer
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Update on ProstaScint
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Staging for Newly Diagnosed Patients Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Ferumoxtran-10, An Important New Prostate Cancer Staging Tool - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
The Analyst - Internet Health Report: Condition: Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Screening: More Harm Than Good? - August 1998 - American Academy of Family Physicians
Medical Information -- Prognostic Markers in Prostate Cancer -- Bostwick Laboratories
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Staging for Newly Diagnosed Patients
ASCO - Browse by Meeting - Survival analysis of distant prostate cancer (stage D2) by decade (1973-1998) in the Detroit Metropolitan SEER Registry: has outcome improved?
ACS :: Survival From Advanced Cancer Increases With Each Passing Year
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Staging for Newly Diagnosed Patients


Prostate Cancer Statistics
Prostatakræft i tal - Kræftens Bekæmpelse
Survival Rate of Prostate Cancer
Medical Statistics on the Internet
Prostate Cancer Facts and Figures 2005 - Statistics and Facts - American Cancer Society Report

Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer (CaP or PCa)
Prostatitis --Prostate Stones page
Prostatitis -- PSA Stories
Prostatitis --High PSA prostatic inflammation
Prostatitis Center--Dr. Polacheck's Resume
Chronic Prostatitis: Why not heal it?
Prostatitis Alternative Medicine FAQ
prostatitis treatment using method
Long Term Effects of Doxazosin
Prostatitis Causes Page


BPH Treatment? | Try Laserscope | GreenLight PVP Treatment for BPH
ACS :: Prostate Biopsy Need Not Hurt: Numbing Shot is Effective


Prostate Cancer: Should You Still Have a PSA Test?
Prostate Cancer Screening: More Harm Than Good? - August 1998 - American Academy of Family Physicians
BW Online | June 4, 2004 | Bad Marks for a Prostate Cancer Test
Higher PSA's Caused by Inflammation
eMedicine - Prostate-Specific Antigen : Article by Stanley A Brosman, MD
Prostate-Help: The PSA is an Excellent Tool - IF!!!
Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Best Practice Policy
Tom Hollon PSA Angiogenesis Inhibitor
Tumor Characteristics in a Population-based Prostate Cancer Screening Trial with Prostate-specific Antigen -- Mäkinen et al. 9 (7): 2435 -- Clinical Cancer Research
Blood Test Results Normal Range Reference Chart - BloodBook, Blood Information for Life
PSA Rising Prostate Cancer News, Info, Support
PSA (Prostate specific antigen) articles, support groups, and resources
PSA and free PSA in Prostate Cancer
The PSA and Its Idiosyncrasies!
What Is Your PSA?
PSA and Negative Biopsy
PSA Information Page
National Cancer Institute - Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT): Q&A
PSA - Health Barometer
Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial
PSA Study - Prostate Cancer - Urological Research Foundation


A Retrospective Review of 2076 Prostate Ultrasonograms in One Urology Practice
Transrectal Ultrasound 
eMedicine - Transrectal Ultrasound of the Prostate (TRUS) : Article by Sugandh Shetty, MD


Antiangiogenic Activity of PSA
Folkman Angiogenesis
Angiogenesis Foundation


Control of Tumor Progression by Maintenance of Apoptosis
Dr Karl - Apoptosis Part 1
Apoptosis er reguleret celle selvmord


Providence Prostate Implant Program
Providence Prostate Implant Program
Prostate Cancer File: Surgical Options
Radical Prostatectomy and Adjuvant Therapy


Combining Radiation Modalities Increases Prostate Cancer Cure Rates
PROSTATE CANCER Patient's Investigations: PROTON BEAMS: Extensive website carries much material for you pcptnr
Predicting Tumor Failure in Prostate Carcinoma after Definitive Radiation Therapy: Limitations of Models Based on Prostate-specific Antigen, Clinical Stage, and Gleason Score -- Vollmer and Montana 5 (9): 2476 -- Clinical Cancer Research
OSH Answers: Radiation - Quantities and Units of Ionizing Radiation
EBRT with or Without CHB - 2


Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery
Hormonal Ablation Treatment
Dr. Bob Leibowitz
The Current State of Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Cancer -- Hellerstedt and Pienta 52 (3): 154 -- CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
Prostate Cancer File: Hormone Therapies
eMedicine - Prostate Cancer: Neoadjuvant Androgen Deprivation : Article by Vipul Patel, MD
BA - Combined Hormonal Ablation/Chemotherapy for High Risk PCa
Results and Conclusions II: Combined Androgen Blockade
ScienceDirect - Cancer Letters : Photo-thermal tumor ablation in mice using near infrared-absorbing nanoparticles
Management of Hormone-Sensitive and Hormone-Refractory Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Hormone Therapy in Prostate Cancer - Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Hormone Therapy in Prostate Cancer
Hormone Therapy in Prostate Cancer - Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Hormone Therapy in Prostate Cancer
What's new in prostate cancer hormone therapy with Viadur
New Research on Hormonal Therapy Challenges Accepted Thinking -- Cells Do Not Die Off
Adjunctive value of cell proliferation but not of apoptosis to interpret pathologic effects on prostatic cancer after neoadjuvant endocrine therapy -- Maeda et al. 28 (4): 262 -- Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology
Prostate Cancer File: Androgen Suppression
Sequencing hormonal ablation and radiotherapy in prostate cancer: A molecular and therapeutic prespective (Review)
Intermittant Hormonal Therapy
Intermittent Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer -- Rashid and Chaudhary 9 (3): 295 -- The Oncologist
Intermittent Androgen Suppression in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - Intermittent Androgen Deprivation
Zoladex Side Effects, and Drug Interactions - Goserelin - RxList Monographs
Prostate cancer medication - zoladex, goserelin acetate
Prostate cancer medication - zoladex, goserelin acetate


USHiFu - The Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison and Testing
Prostate Cancer - Alternative Treatments
IBIDS Database Dietary Supplements
American Herbal Company dot com - Herbal products for your natural well-being
Health Bulletin Latest Discoveries on NUTRITION FOR HEALTH by Medical Science
Alternative Prostate Treatment
Herbal Remedies Index - Vitacost
Herbs & Supplements - Drug Library - DrugDigest
Alternative and Complementary Medicine
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
Yahoo! Groups : natural_prostate_treatments
Pulse Nutritional - cancer, vitamins, supplements, pulse nutritional, cancer treatment, mgn-3, proboost, q-gel, lyco-max, saw-metto, citrus pectin
Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Supplements for the prevention of Prostate Cancer
Natural Options for a Healthy Prostate : by Ray Sahelian, M.D.
The World's Healthiest Foods: Feeling Great your site info - Discount Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements, Low Carb and Weight Loss Products
The Cure and Cause of Cancer is Within You - NOW Prostate Support - Dr. Recommended! On sale now!
Prostate Cancer : by Ray Sahelian, M.D., Natural Therapy for Prostate Cancer
The Cancer Nutrition Center - Handbook - Treatments
Interaction between herbs, foods and medicines. Herbal Medicine, healing herbs
Produktguide Urter - Urtenavn
Induction of apoptosis of the Chinese herbal supplement PC-SPES
Herbal Supplement PC-SPES may Interfere with Chemotherapy Drug Paclitaxel
PC Hope tablets
Prostasol / PC Plus
PC-RES 1-877-272-3508
Seacoast Vitamins: Prostasol Herbal Prostate Formula
Choices in Healing: Genistein for Prostate Cancer
Articles on Health: Fermented Soy
Effect of Two Soy Preparations on Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels in Patients with Prostate Cancer and the Correlation of Prostate-Specific Antigen Changes with Plasma Genistein.
EcoGen fermented soy isoflavones nutritional support cancer supplement
Haelan 951 at Pure Prescriptions
Lots To Live For: Haelan 951 soy nutrition drink helps boost the immune system
Green Tea Appears Ineffective Against Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 Activation by (-)-Epicatechin Gallate: Potential Adverse Effects of Cancer Chemoprevention with High-Dose Green Tea Extracts
Grape seed extract inhibits advanced human prostate tumor growth
Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract 100mg - Benefits Free Radicals Antioxidants
Dietary Curcumin Appears to Block Chemotherapy-Induced Apoptosis in Laboratory Study of Breast Cancer Cells
Pecta Sol Modified Citrus Pectin, 1 Month Supply
Stinging Nettle/Saw Palmetto Formula - Enlarged Prostate Treatment – Benign Enlargement Urtica Dioica Herb
Wealth of the Rainforest - Pharmacy to the World from Raintree Nutrition, Inc.
HSI members battle prostate cancer with herbal complex from the Amazon
Saw Palmetto by Ray Sahelian, M.D. Everything You Need to Know - benefits, side effects - Herbal Remedies - Prostate cancer
Astragalus Root - Astragalus membranaceus - Encapsulated Herbal Extract - Herbs Astragalus
Semenax? Volume Enhancing Pills - Order Now!
Kai Kit Wan
Chinese Pills Page
MAXIMUM PROSTATE, 300mg Beta-Sitosterol , 60 caplets: AVMAZON
Cessiac Yuccalive
Welcome To A-O Force Antioxidants
WHC - PCF (Prostate Care Formula) - 270 Caps
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6
Flax Oil and Cancer pt.1
Cheap R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Essential Amino Acids and Milk Thistle in the UK
Individual Encapsulated Herbs
Phytoray Labs


Overview: Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer
BA - Treatment Options for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer Progression
Brief Overview Approaches to Advanced Disease
Biology, Progression, and Metastasis of Prostate Cancer, Report of the Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group, Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group (PRGS), Office of Science Planning and Assessment (OSPA), National Cancer Institute (NCI
Prostate Cancer Staging - metastatic disease, PSA levels, radionuclide bone scan, CT scanning
eMedicine - Prostate Cancer: Metastatic and Advanced Disease : Article by Shaukat Qureshi, MD, FRCS, FACS
Advances in Treatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Metastatic prostate cancer and long-term survival - Professor Jan-Erik Johansson
Life expectancy improves for men with advanced prostate cancer
ASCO - Browse by Meeting - Survival Predictive Prognostic Factors (SPF) Relevance in Symptomatic Patients (Pts) with Metastatic Prostate Cancer (MPC) Treated with Androgen Deprivation.
Stage IV (D) Prostate Cancer
Stage IV (D) Prostate Cancer
(Print Version) Prostate Cancer: Chemotherapy (Written Primarily For The Medical Oncologist) - Disease Therapies Protocol
Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer -
Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer -
How Do You Treat Prostate Cancer That Has Progressed On Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy? - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Exisulind Stabilizes Recurrent Progressive Prostate Cancer
Safety, feasibility and clinical benefit of localized chemotherapy using microencapsulated cells for inoperable pancreatic carc
Test Detects Aggressive Prostate Cancer - Hunterdon Healthcare System
HUM-MOLGEN: Researchers identify distinctive signature for metastatic prostate cancer
Preliminary Studies Suggest ABT-627 has Anti-Cancer Activity in Patients with Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Research Institute - High Dose Ketoconazole Plus Hydrocortisone (HDK+ HC)


CaP Vaccines Homepage
Prostate Cancer Vaccine Therapy
Prostate Cancer Vaccine (GVAX) - Clinical Stage Portfolio
Telomerase Vaccine Tested on Prostate Cancer, May Yield Universal Cancer Vaccine


Patient to Physician
Prostate-Help Patients Helping Patients
Phoenix5 Main Menu - men fighting prostate cancer
Compassionate Oncology Medical Group: Welcome 310.229.3555
Us Too! Prostate Cancer Education and Support
Prostate Cancer Support Group - YANA means You Are Not Alone
Prostate Cancer Discussion List
Prostate Forum - Info to Know
ParaChat Server
Alan's Prostate Cancer Information
E-Empowerment - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Fighting the Battle - Personal Stories
BBC NEWS | Health | Tumour diary: The time has come
Wall of Hope
Wall of Hope - Manny Hamelburg
Virgil's On-line Guide to Fighting Prostate Cancer
Aubrey Pilgrim's "A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer"
Graham Newman Prostate Cancer page
USRF - Celebrities with Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer - What's New in Prostate Cancer, as of 2002
Journal of Translational Medicine | Full text | Endothelin receptors as novel targets in tumor therapy
Aptosyn (exisulind)
Polyomavirus BK TAntigen Protein in Atrophic Precursor Stage of Prostate Cancer : Cancer Biology and Therapy Article Abstract by NA
Xinlay™ (ATRASENTAN): Abbott seeks FDA Approval by end of 2004
Aplidin Enters Phase I Trials In Paediatric Solid Tumours and Leukaemias
Shibin Zhou Bacterial cancer treatment
Cancer: Vogelstein Combined Bacteriolytic Therapy
Modified bacteria wreak havoc with cancer cells
Bugs as drugs for cancer - Immunology, Vol 107, Issue 1, pp. 10-19 (Full Text)
Matthias Rath Inc. Cellular Medicine
Genasense bcl-2 hæmmer
Kræftens Bekæmpelse
OncoLink: A University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource
CancerNet-Credible, current, and comprehensive cancer information from the National Cancer Institute
CancerNet: PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries:
CancerNet Treatment . Health Professionals
Surveillance Research - Cancer Survival Statistics
Cancer Care -- Internet Resources
Cancer Information Network
Cancer Statistics and Predisposition to Cancer
Your Cancer Risk: The Source on Prevention
Medical Oncology: A Comprehensive Review (Contents)
Angiogenesis Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment
The Angiogenesis Foundation Home Page